The American-Exclusive Debut of the Limited-Edition STI S209


If you've been waiting for a performance car to enjoy spirited drives in the Long Island area, then you won't have to wait for much longer. Subaru Technica International, a subsidiary of Subaru that upgrades and refines Subaru vehicles, recently debuted the new STI S209 at the North American International Auto Show.

Find out what exciting features you can expect from the new STI S209.


The STI S209 is the most recent incarnation of the S-Series, which was first introduced almost two decades ago. With every new S-model, Long Island drivers have seen the latest motorsport performance features, showing what is the most cutting-edge technology and capabilities of the time. And the STI S209 shows off the most power, advanced features, and best handling yet.

The STI S209 is equipped with a full set of incredible motorsport features to maximize your driving experience in the Long Island area. If you want a burst of increased power when driving, then you can pull the intercooler water-spray paddle to drop the engine's intake temperatures.

For a streamlined intake, exhaust, and drivetrain, the STI S209 has a redesigned intake system and lightweight flywheel to optimize mid-range response and acceleration. A new low-restriction exhaust decreases back pressure and allows for the SUBARU BOXER engine's distinct rumble to be even more apparent.

Long Island drivers can expect the best handling for an S-model yet, with the STI S209's incredible advancements to the STI-tuned chassis and suspension. STI engineers have made extensive tuning changes to the suspension and body to enhance cornering grip, turn-in, and handling balance. Some of the enhancements that were made include:

  • STI-tuned Bilstein® Dampers
  • STI-Designed Front and Rear Draw Stiffeners
  • STI Tower Bar
  • Pillow-Ball Suspension Bushings

There's plenty to get excited about when it comes to the new STI S209, whether it's the Brembo® performance brakes or the redesigned interior and exterior. Check back in and keep an eye on our new inventory to have the chance to drive this S-model that will be exclusively produced for the U.S. market!

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