Servicing Your Subaru in the Spring

Spring provides a breathing space between winter's harsh cold and summer's high heat. It's an ideal time to take stock of any damage to your Subaru over the winter months while preparing it for the summer and autumn seasons ahead.

A thorough cleaning is in order for your car after the rough winter months in Glen Cove. The underside of your car should have a good washing, as should your wheel wells. Pay attention to any blemishes in your paint surface from road debris and touch them up to stop corrosion before giving your car a good coating of wax. Clean the interior as well so you don't have to do it when the weather is hot.

If you prepared your car for winter by fitting it with snow tires, a lower viscosity oil and rugged wiper blades, it's a good time to exchange these things for their summer equivalent. Even if you didn’t change your tires, you can still have your tires rotated if they need it and have a look at your oil to see if it needs topping up or changing. Check other vital fluids, such as coolant and wiper fluid, as they will be essential for summer driving on Long Island. A dirty windshield and blazing sunshine can make a dangerous combination.

The high summer temperatures can really take their toll on your car’s battery. The fluid in your battery is an electrolyte solution that can evaporate, so you'll need to check that the level remains consistent and top it up if necessary.

Bring your Subaru to the service center at North Coast Subaru for a thorough inspection of your air conditioning so you're not caught on a warm day with a struggling system. The refrigerant gas that cools your air is naturally lost over time, so that may need to be brought back up to recommended levels. With regular care, your car should easily power through the summer months, leaving you free to enjoy the season to its fullest.

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