Research New Subaru Models at North Coast Subaru

Research New Subaru Models at North Coast Subaru

Before you shop for a vehicle from a brand like Subaru, you need information you can really rely on in Glen Cove New York. At North Coast Subaru, that's exactly the type of information you get. As an authorized dealer for this brand, we are the first to know when a new model becomes a reality. We get first info on the way the model looks and drives, as well as the types of features it offers its driver and passengers.

Thousands of people venture out to North Coast Subaru in Glen Cove New York every year to search for their new Subaru vehicle. Before they visit us in person, though, they take advantage of our immense library of information online. You'll find pictures of models, in-depth specifications, prices, reviews, and information. It's this collection of information that might just lead you to your next great coupe, sedan, or SUV.

Year's Stars

The brand has a fleet of new coupe, sedan, and SUV vehicles to meet every family's needs. The Impreza is one of our most asked about vehicles. It's a 5-door masterpiece that has really etched out a place for itself in auto lover's minds. Starting at just a little over $19,000, it really fits into most family budgets and leaves you room to spare for fun family road trips and longer vacations. Other favorites this year include the famous SUV trio of the Outback, Forester, and Ascent.

Each one of these new models will bring another level of fun and adventure to you and/or your family. People who are just starting out in life often gravitate toward the sporty BRZ, one of the brand's first truly decked out coupe models that bring that two-door magic into an active single person's life.

Your Source for Top Models

We also have a long line of future concept cars from the brand that we all look forward to, both dealer and customer alike. The BRZ was the biggest concept car that the brand touted for years, and it's actually finally here, so it's less a concept now and more a current model. However, everything you'll see from the BRZ is straight out coupe that was described as "Sports car purity." It's on the way in 2022. The model will feature a tailored 2.4-Liter Direct-Injection Boxer engine that generates 15% more torque than the regular engine.

We always keep tabs on the upcoming vehicles from the brand that our dealership represents, and we put all the latest news and details about the specific model up for you to see. If we get full-color pictures of the new model, we post them for you just as soon as we possibly can. Why? Well, we know that you love cars and SUVs just as much as we do, and we can share that with you from a distance here before you commit to buying from us.

When you want information about new or future models from our dealership, we're always open. Just venture to the website and take a look around. You can browse on your own free time without having to even step outside. The convenience of shopping online remains one of modern life's biggest advantages. It's amazing how much you can learn about our models just from a single hour of browsing and daydreaming about which car or SUV you want to take home with you.

If you've come to learn about your favorite vehicles, you came to the right place. Please let us know if there's any information that you couldn't find on our website. We'll be sure to answer any questions you have. You can call us or write to us if there's anything you need to ask us about.