2019 Subaru Legacy | Long Island, NY

Get to Know the New Subaru Legacy Available at our Dealership in Glen Cove

The new Subaru Legacy is yet another vehicle we are proud offer at North Coast Subaru in Glen Cove. There is so much to love about the new Legacy including its performance, storage, and design. There is a lot you probably expect from Subaru Legacy, such as its dynamic four-wheel drive or a strong warranty, but the following are additional features that may surprise you.

Snow and Off-Road

 The Subaru Legacy is known for being an adventurous vehicle, and the makers really wanted to hit that idea home by offering a center limited slip differential drive train. This ensures that your car can change the torque power for each tire if one tire is not making contact with the road or the road is slippery. In essence, you are going to have better control and more traction even in snow when driving around Long Island.

More Storage

 You may normally drive your Subaru Legacy in Glen Cove, but you might get the itch to travel into the wild someday, which means you are going to need a lot of storage. Subaru knows this, which is the reason the Legacy has a lot of storage space like in the back of the front seat or in the overhead console. This is on top of all the cargo space you already have, which comes with a sliding cargo net to keep things in place.

Legacy Additions

There are a lot of little additions that may make your Legacy even more interesting, such as the installed sunshade to help when the sun is intense. Some of you may want the all-weather floor liners, just in case your lifestyle involves a lot of exploring. One of the Legacy trims comes with auto dimming windows, which makes it easier for you to drive at night when cars are flashing you with strong headlights.

These are just some of the things you can expect from the new Legacy, but there is more. You can find out more about the Legacy once you take a test drive to see if this car is really for you.

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